Guess Who?  Walnut Square Staff Edition 

Welcome to the Walnut Square School faculty list.  


  • Mrs. Jen Rubera, Principal
  • Ms. Patricia MacRae, Principal Clerk
  • Ms. Jean Sargent, Head Teacher


  • Ms. Helene Boudreau, School Nurse (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday)
  • Ms. Jillian Nazzaro , School Nurse (Monday and Friday)

School Adjustment Counselor:  

  • Cherie Rousseau

Parent Liaison

  • Maritza Martinez-Cabrera 


  • Room 3 Mrs. Lauren Abreu
  • Room 4 Ms. Shannon Luttig

Grade One:

  • Room 7 Mrs. Suzanne Hughes
  • Room 8 Mrs. Christine O’Leary

Grade Two:

  • Room 5 Ms. Andrea Oland 
  • Room 6 Mrs. Nicole Sanchez

Grade Three:

  • Room 1 Ms. Anne Ezepek 
  • Room 2 Ms. Sarah-Lyn Davy 


  • Ms. Jacqueline Morra-Hoffer, Art 
  • Mr. Alex Tsioropoulos, Music
  • Mr. John DeAngelo, Physical Education
  • Mrs. Kathleen Greene, Library and Technology


  • Ms. Shannon Dullea, ELA Coach 
  • Ms. Jean Sargent, Math Coach and Math Interventionist
  • Ms. Maria Caruso, ELA Interventionist 

Multilingual Learners (ML) 

  • Ms. Jennifer Edwards

Special Education:

  • Mrs. Danielle Gregoire,  Educational Team Facilitator
  • Mrs. Nancy Guisti, Academic Support
  • Katie Conneely, Speech, (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) 
  • Mary Fournier, PT
  • Aline Santos, OT

Instructional Support Technician 

  • Allison Sargent, IST

Educational Support:

  • Ms. Laureen Davis 
  • Ms. Alicia Korinow
  • Ms. Crystal Burrill 
  • Ms. Rachel Ramos
  • Mr. Edward Gregoire 
  • Mrs. Kathleen Greene  


  • Mr. Frankie Rivera  
  • Mr.Abdul Qudoos 


  • Jeannine Delory
  • Pauline Everson
  • Lisa Teer
  • Peter Teer