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SY 2019-2020 Community Eligibility Provision


  • Parent Update- November 29, 2020

    Pause in Hybrid Learning Schedule

    The School Committee has voted to have all students and staff work remotely starting on November 30, 2020. On December 7, 2020 students in Cohort C will return to in person school. On December 14, 2020 All students in Cohorts A and B will return to in person school joining our Cohort C students. Please see the attached letter from Superintendent Marotta which was sent home to families last week.

    Adjustment to learning schedule.jpg 

    School Pictures

    Our students were supposed to have their pictures taken this week. Because of the change in schedule, we have been able to postpone picture days to:

    December 15th- Cohort A

    December 17th for Cohort B

    December 16th for students in the Remote Learning Academy. The times you have signed up will remain the same. If you haven’t signed up for a time yet please email me 3 times between 9:00 Am and 3:00 PM that you can bring your child here to the school to get their picture taken. I will try to assign your child the first choice if it has not already been taken.

    Paper order form were sent home to cohorts A and B last week. I have provided the link to order online as well as the access code needed for Cohort D. Any parent in cohort A and B can also use the online link to order as well.

    Access code : 1000332


    Grade K Update

    Miss Luttig and Mrs. Abreu hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving! This week in Letterland, students will learn about Golden Girl and Oscar Orange. They will continue to practice blending and segmenting words. Students will add ‘can’ and ‘to’ to the list of sight words we know! Students will continue to label their pictures and begin to write a sentence in Writing. In Math, students will be sorting and categorizing! And finally, in Science, we will be diving deeper into the weather and how it changes! Please remember to check the daily PowerPoint for meeting information and assignments!

    Grade 1 Update

    Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Demarais hope all our students and families enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! This week in math we will begin a new topic on learning different strategies for subtraction within 20, along with using the DICE protocol for problem solving. In Letterland students will learn when a short word ends with a single vowel, it almost always makes a long sound, and when y is a single vowel at the end of a short word it makes the long i sound as in “my”. Our Social Studies and Science topic this week is “All About Bears”.  We will study habitats and hibernation.  Students will write about a fictional story, “Bear Snores On”, as well as writing about facts they learn about bears this week.  

    Grade 2 Update

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  As we move forward online,  we continue to work in all academic areas.  In math we are adding with regrouping, identifying place value, and reviewing money.  This week in Social Studies we are discussing family traditions and December celebrations.  We will be writing a friendly letter to Santa.    For our social/emotional learning,  students will be writing how they can show kindness to others this holiday season.   We will also use visualization to describe the December holidays in a poem format.  

    Mary Laprel Retirement

    Our school secretary, Mrs. Mary Laprel has retired on November 28th. Mrs. Laprel has worked for Haverhill Public Schools for over 30 years. She has been at Walnut Square for over 25 years. Mrs. Laprel has been a valuable member of the Superstar family. Mary’s calming demeanor and friendly personality has always made everyone at Walnut Square feel welcomed. She has been a mainstay during times of change and staff have relied on Mary for many things throughout the years. While we will greatly miss Mary’s smiling face and positive personality, we wish her the very best in retirement!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

  • Parent Update- November 22, 2020

    Walnut Square Picture Days

    On Tuesday, December 1, 2020 cohort A students will get their pictures taken. On Thursday, December 3, 2020 cohort B students will have their pictures taken. Paper picture order forms were sent home on Friday for cohort B and tomorrow, Monday, November 23rd, we will send the paper picture order forms home. On Wednesday, December 2, 2020 students in the Remote Learning Academy (RLA) will have their pictures taken. Parents of RLA students, please remember that RLA students must be signed up for a specific time to come into the building. An email was sent out last week to RLA parents asking to choose 3 times between 9 AM and 3 PM. If you did not receive this email, please contact me via email at: bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org or contact the school at 978-374-3471. Below is the code to order online for all cohorts, this is especially necessary for those students in the RLA students. However, any parent can access this code to order online.

    Here is the on-line link and code for Walnut Sq,

    code  1000332 https://hockstudio.com/onlineorders.php#orderbox

    Grab and Go Meals

    Free Grab & Go meals are available for the entire school year! All children and teens under 18 and under can receive free meals in Haverhill. No registration or ID required. Please be advised that our Grab-n-Go meal sites at Hunking School, Consentino School, Nettle School, J.G. Whittier and the High School will operate special hours this Wednesday, November 25th from 9 AM-11 AM. All families can receive 5 days’ worth of nutritious breakfast and lunches. The Grab-n-Go sites will be closed on Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Sites will resume on Monday, November 30th at their normal operating time of 11 AM-1 PM.

    Kindergarten Update

    This week in Letterland, students will learn about the long vowel sounds Mr. I and Mr. A. They will continue to practice blending and segmenting words. Students will continue to label their pictures and begin to write a sentence in Writing. In Math, students will practice counting on from a number other than one. And finally, we will learn about the first Thanksgiving and the importance of gratitude in Social Studies. 

    Grade 1 Update

    For this short week, we continue to talk about the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. In math we will be doing turkey addition and problem solving. For phonics we will review previously introduced concepts, and we will continue writing about the first Thanksgiving. Mrs. Hughes and Mrs.Demarais wish all our students and families a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

    Grade 2 Update

    Although this is a short week,  there is a lot to cover.  The students will be given parts in a play about Squanto during Social Studies.  During reading,  the children will read Scholastic News and some texts about wild turkeys.  We will also write about Thanksgiving and share what we know.  In math,  we will continue to review two-digit addition with regrouping (carrying), telling time and arrays.  
    Thanksgiving The year has turned its circle, The seasons come and go. The harvest is all gathered in, And chilly north winds blow.
    Orchards have shared their treasures, The fields,  their yellow grain. So open wide the doorway- Thanksgiving comes again.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Music Update– Ms. Steiger

    This week we’ll be working with Dyno-Namics, the louds and quiets in music. RAWR! We’ll also be reviewing some thanksgiving rhythms!Make sure to check out https://sites.google.com/haverhill-ps.org/music-meets/home to come sing our welcome song and opening activity on remote days. This site also has important links and updated see-saw login information for our music see-saw room.Gobble Gooble!

    Physical Education Update– Mr. Barnard

    Students have been working hard in PE, learning many movement exercises as part of our warm up routines. Students have learned exercises such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bear walks, lateral jumps, planks and jumping rope. Students have been working on catching and throwing using scoops. frisbees and dodgeballs. We have learned many new stretches as part of our routines as well. We have played pe games such as hungry hippos, sink the ship and cone smash where we have applied these catching and throwing skills, along with cooperative learning skills and what it takes to be a good teammate. 

    This Wednesday, November 25th is an early release day. School ends at 11:30 AM.

    From all the staff here at Walnut Square, we wish for our Superstars and their families a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Relax and enjoy this special time of year with your families!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

  • Parent Update- November 15, 2020

    Picture Day

    Walnut Square students will have their pictures taken in December. On Tuesday, December 1, 2020 students in cohort A will have their pictures taken. On Thursday, December 3, 2020 students in cohort B will have their pictures taken. On Wednesday, December 2, 2020 students in the Remote Learning Academy (RLA) will have their pictures taken. In the next week or so, RLA parents will be able to schedule a time to bring their child to Walnut Square school. Students will come into the building at their specific time and have their picture taken while parents wait outside.

    Attendance Policy

    There have been many questions related to attendance this year. I have attached the policy that was sent out to families a few weeks ago.Please take a moment to review it.

    PTO News

    Walnut Square PTO is selling Walnut Square Superstars shirts and sweatshirts. All Walnut Square Superstar apparel orders are due. Items should be in before the holidays and they would make a great gift for our Superstars. Please see attached flyers for more information.

    K Update

    This week in Kindergarten, students will begin building a Rainbow to share their success while learning at home! In Letterland, students will learn more about Sammy Snake’s sounds by meeting Sleepy Sammy and Sally Snake. Students will also practice blending sounds to make words and learn to segment sounds in words. In Writing, students will continue to slowly stretch out the sounds they hear in words to label the pictures they are drawing. We will continue to practice using our Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish reading strategies to read unknown words and we will learn the word ‘the’. In Math, students will continue to count, compare, and write numbers to 10. Finally, will learn what people and communities were like in the past. We will compare that to how we live now. Please continue to encourage your child to track their daily assignment completion in the At Home Learning Checklist on your remote learning days!

    Grade 1 Update

    First graders are doing great with our new routine at school. In math we continue working on addition strategies to 20 and will complete the topic assessment before Thanksgiving break. In Letterland we are introducing qu and ch, and reviewing all short vowel sounds. For Social Studies we will be learning and writing about the first Thanksgiving.

    Grade 2 Update

    The students will begin to read “Molly’s Pilgrim”.  Each child will be borrowing a copy.  The novel is great for our Social Studies and Reading curriculum.  Last week Mrs. Sanchez’s students completed their “Three Sisters Project” and Ms. Caruso will be working on them in person this week with her class. Make sure to ask your child about the project.  We will continue to explore Thanksgiving,  the Wampanoags, and the Pilgrims. Nouns will be introduced to the students in ELA. Writing will include a personal narrative and compare/contrast paragraph.  In science, students will learn about the Spotted Owl and participate in another STEM activity.  Please encourage your child to read each day!   Our motto is “Readers become Leaders!” Thanks for all your support and kind words these past couple of weeks.

    Music Update

    Students will be continuing our exploration of movement and rhythm this week- ask your child to share with you “RazzamaTazzama”- and make sure to log in to sing our welcome song on remote days during your regularly scheduled music time!  https://sites.google.com/haverhill-ps.org/mssteigersmusicroom/home

    Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal- bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

  • Parent Update- November 9, 2020

    This Wednesday, November 11th there is no school as we celebrate Veteran’s Day.

    Picture Day

    Picture day has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, 2020 for cohort A and Thursday, December 3, 2020 for cohort B. Cohort C students can take pictures either of those days. More information will be sent home as we get closer to those dates.

    K Update

    We are excited to welcome several Remote Learning Academy students to our virtual classroom this week! In Letterland, students will learn more about Sammy Snake’s sound and shape. Students will learn about adding Sammy Snake to the end of plural words and they will practice blending sounds to make words. In Writing, students will continue to slowly stretch out the sounds they hear in words to label the pictures they are drawing. We will practice using our Eagle Eye and Lips the Fish reading strategies to read unknown words and we will learn the words ‘see’ and ‘a’. In Math, students will continue to compare numbers to 10 by counting and matching. Finally, students will begin to learn about the people and places in our community during Social Studies. Please continue to encourage your child to track their daily assignment completion in the At Home Learning Checklist on your remote learning days. This checklist can be found in your child’s binder. 

    Grade 1 Update

    Our first 2 days in our new hybrid schedule was a success! Mrs. Hughes and Mrs. Demarais were happy to focus on 1 group of children at a time. This week, first graders will be working on short u words in Letterand. In Math we are continuing with the addition strategies using Doubles plus 1 and Doubles plus 2, as well as using the DICE protocol for problem solving. In writing students will be writing about a story read to them, and using time words in narrative stories. For social studies we will be learning about Veteran’s Day. Thank you to all our brave veterans!

    Grade 2 Update

    This time of year is so busy and exciting for children . The students will be learning about the other two types of sentences which include commands and exclamations. We will continue to review statements and questions. In reading , children will continue to read from their book baskets and read nonfiction texts about Thanksgiving. Students will write an Acrostic Thanksgiving poem and continue to work on their Poetry Journal. In math we are starting Topic 3 which includes adding tens and ones. Lastly, we want to thank all the Veterans for their sacrifice and service! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

  • Parent Update- November 1, 2020

    On Monday, 11/2 and Tuesday, 11/3 there is no school due to scheduled Professional Development days. On Wednesday, 11/4 all students are remote.

    Notes from the Nurse

    Thank you to the many parents who have already sent in updated annual physicals and influenza documentation.  If you have an upcoming annual physical and or appointment for a flu immunization for your child please remember to send a copy into school so that it can be recorded. Please let us know about any changes or updates in your child’s medical status. You can send the information & documentation papers in your child’s back pack folder with a note for the nurse. 

    Here is some information about the Influenza Immunization Regulation that is needed starting this year for students. Please read the attachment.

    Progress Reports

    All students should have received a progress report last week. If you did not get one please contact the teacher.

    Grade K Update

    This week in Kindergarten students will be introduced to the Letterland character Talking Tess! We will practice her sound and letter shape throughout the week while also reviewing the Letterland characters we have already met and reading and writing our sight words (like, my, I). In Math, students will continue to read, write, and compare numbers to 10 while using their counting strategies. In Social Studies, we will begin talking about our families and our traditions. We are looking forward to seeing everyone online on Wednesday! 

    Grade 1 Update

    We hope the first graders enjoy their extra long weekend! Due to the short week, they will not receive a new spelling list and are instead reviewing reading and writing words with short a,e,i and o.. In math we are beginning a new topic on strategies for addition facts to 20. Students will continue writing narrative stories with a focus on “pop out” words to make their writing more interesting.  We are looking forward to our new hybrid model of teaching. 

    Grade 2 Update

    Second graders had a great time creating their mini-pumpkin pulley, illustrating haunted houses, and writing a fictional story to go with it last week. In math,  the children will be taught this simple rhyme to help identify odd and even numbers:
    0, 2, 4, 6, 8, even numbers they do make.
    1, 3, 5, 7, 9, odd numbers are mighty fine.
    For social studies,  we will be discussing Veteran’s Day and the 3 types of communities. We will be reading, learning, and writing about owls. In Grammar,  we will be talking about the 4 types of sentences. We are looking forward to the upcoming academic/hybrid plan which will allow all students to benefit.  Remember to vote on Election Day! 

    Music Update

    Next week in music we will continue exploring how syllables and rhythm intersect with several fun activities making rhythmic recipes with music and food! What recipe will YOU come up with…and more importantly…what will be in it? We will continue to use see saw to share our work digitally.  https://sites.google.com/haverhill-ps.org/mssteigersmusicroom/home

    If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s teacher or reach out to me via email @ bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org or 978-374-3471.

    Have a good week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

  • Parent Update- October 25, 2020

    Model of Instruction at Walnut Square School

    At the start of this school year 2020-2021, our Kindergarten teachers decided they would each take a cohort, either A or B. They believed this model would give them the ability to focus only on one group of students, whether they were in person or remote. Grades one and two decided on a different model, taking a group of students from cohort A and another group from cohort B and teaching them, some in front while at the same time others were participating remotely. This model meant that each day they would teach some students in class with them while the others were with them remotely. After being in school more than a month both grade one and two teachers felt that the model they were using was not as effective as the Kindergarten model in terms of keeping both groups: the in class students and remote students, engaged in the lessons as well as ensuring that all learners were getting the individualized support required. Starting November 5th, both grades one and two will transition to the model of instruction that the K teachers have implemented. This means that each teacher will take a cohort. This will allow them to focus on one group of students and provide these students whether in person or remotely, with their undivided attention. Both grade one and two teachers have sent letters home to parents further explaining in great detail what this will look like and what it means for any changes in your child’s classroom teacher. Should you have further questions please communicate with your child’s teacher or myself by contacting the school at 978-374-3471 or via email.

    Black and Orange Days

    Next Saturday, October 31st is Halloween. While we are not having Halloween parties or having students wear costumes, we are encouraging students to wear black and orange on a specific day: For Cohort A- Black and Orange day is Tuesday, October 27th. For cohort B- Black and Orange day is Friday, October 30th. Students who wear black and orange on their day will will a small prize.

    PTO Members Needed

    Our PTO needs you! We need your creative thoughts and ideas on how to fundraise and plan events that are fun and safe in this time of Covid-19.
    Late last week I sent a PTO flyer out via robo email, out asking for parent volunteers for our PTO. We have scheduled a remote PTO meeting this Tuesday, 10/27 starting at 3:45 PM. Here is the link: Meeting ID meet.google.com/gkr-wkbe-ctg I am also attaching the flyer again. Please join us for this very important.

    Kindergarten Update

    Kindergarten students have finished up their initial iReady assessments in Reading and Math. Beginning on Monday, students will begin completing online iReady lessons at home that are tailored specifically to their individual learning needs. Please check our daily slideshow in Google Classroom this week for instructions on accessing iReady at home. Students will be introduced to the Letterland characters Harry Hat Man and Munching Mike. We will practice their sounds and letter shapes throughout the week while also reading and writing the word my. In Math, students will continue to read, write, and make numbers to 10 while using their counting strategies. Finally, students will learn about the life cycle and parts of a pumpkin in Science and begin to understand the voting process in Social Studies. We look forward to an exciting week!

    Grade 1 Update

    First graders are working hard at school and at home!  In Letterland they are working on words with short e (Eddy Elephant) and reviewing th, sh and ck.  In math we continue to focus on addition and subtraction strategies including doubles, doubles plus one, related facts and facts to ten.  We are also working on problem solving using the D.I.C.E. protocol.  We are having fun with Halloween stories and related writing pieces.  We are looking forward to Black and Orange Day on Tuesday and Friday.  

    Grade 2 Update

    In second grade, we are beginning topic 2 in Envisions Math. This topic covers even and odd numbers and arrays. We made our own analog clocks and continue to practice telling time within the classroom. For writing we are introducing “how to ” paragraphs.  Our first assignment will be how to carve a pumpkin using sequence words such as first, then, next and last. In reading we are reviewing the following text features, table of contents, heading, diagram, captions, glossary, and index. As the election draws near, the students will read about election day. Finally, in science the children will have a STEM activity that involves creating a pulley. 

    Progress Reports Issued 10/27 and 10/29

    Trimester one progress reports will be issued to students in each cohort this week. Cohort A students will receive their progress report on Tuesday, October 27th while students in cohort B will receive their progress report on Thursday, October 29th. Accompanying the progress reports will be letters explaining in detail the progress reports.

    Remember that Daylight Savings time ends at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 1, 2020 and we must turn our clocks back an hour on that day. Have a good week!

    Beth Kitsos- Principal

  • Parent Update- October 18, 2020

    Good Bye/Welcome Back

    This week we welcome back our school secretary Mrs. Mary Laprel. On Friday, October 16th we said good bye to Bridget Stemmler who had taken over for Mrs. Laprel during her absence. We will certainly miss Bridget a lot, but we are happy to see Mrs. Laprel return.

    Parent Volunteers Needed for School Site Council

    In the upcoming weeks, we will be looking for parent volunteers to participate on the School Site Council. A site council is a school building based committee focused on improving the school and plays a role in shaping the policies and programs of the school. The Massachusetts Education Reform law established site councils because they believe that decisions are best made by those closest to the teaching/learning relationship. The law says that the site council “creates through the development of a shared vision and planning, a school environment which unites all members of the school community in a sense of belonging, commitment and growth.” Meetings are monthly and will be held remotely. If you are interested in learning more about the Walnut Square Site Council please email me at bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

    News From Kindergarten

    This week in Kindergarten, students will look closer at Letterland friends Clever Cat and Dippy Duck! We have started to use letters to label our pictures in Writing. We are exploring numbers to 10 in Math, investigating the fall season in Science and learning to be part of a classroom community in Social Studies! 

    News From Grade 1

    First graders are off to a wonderful start! Students will be reading and writing words with short o and sh in Letterland. They are working on writing narrative stories, specifically using speech bubbles and labeling pictures to give their stories more detail. In math, students are learning different strategies for solving addition and subtraction facts to 10 and learning more about the DICE problem solving method. We will also be talking about fire safety.

    News From Grade 2

    Can’t believe we are halfway through October.  In math,  we are working with the D.I.C.E method for addition and subtraction word problems.  Both classes are comparing/contrasting in social studies and science using Venn Diagrams to guide our writing.  We are reviewing maps and globes importance in social studies.  The students are studying the continents, oceans and can identify a compass rose (Never eat soggy waffles). In science, we are focusing on life cycles such as pumpkins and apples.  For reading,  we have implemented the A to Z reading digital/online program. Our overall goal is to focus on a hands-on approach with the children in front of us and making their time in school enjoyable.

    News From Music

    Our new Music Teacher is Melissa Steiger. She has been a music teacher for several years before coming to Haverhill to teach at both Walnut Square and Tilton Upper. This week students will be exploring high and low this week using our favorite ghost, ghosty. Students will trace Ghosty’s melodic path as he whooshes around! Be sure to add Ms. Steiger’s class on SeeSaw so your child can sing and BOO along with Ghosty at home! Students will also be completing a digital pumpkin activity and sing along. Instructions on how to add/join SeeSaw are posted in your student’s music google class stream! You can always find links and videos on Ms. Steiger’s  Google Site! https://sites.google.com/haverhill-ps.org/mssteigersmusicroom/home

    Have a great week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal- bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

  • Parent Update- October 13, 2020

    I hope all of our Superstars had a relaxing long week end. As we start this new week, please remember that teachers are not supervising on the playground until 8:45 A.M. Children cannot be on the playground until then. If students want to eat breakfast at school they can come into the building at 8:45 A.M.

    Please be aware that to ensure good air flow throughout the building we are opening all windows. With the windows open, students should come to school with layers such as sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. While it can be very cold in the morning it often gets much warmer in the afternoon and layers will allow the children to take the sweaters and sweatshirts off during the day.

    Kindergarten Update

    This week in Kindergarten, students will have met all 26 Letterland characters! We will take a closer look at each letter and its’ sound in the coming weeks. We are exploring the concept of greater and less than in Math, investigating fall leaves in Science, and learning how to tell a story aloud in Writing. 

    First Grade Update

    First Grade students had an amazing week last week being in school for their cohorts. This week, all students will complete the iReady reading and math assessments. The program uses the assessment to determine each child’s strengths and weaknesses and will adapt the lessons to meet each child’s needs. You will receive an overview of the program with more information. When the assessments are complete, the children will be asked to log onto the program at home for 45 minutes per week.

     Grade 2 Update

    We love having the children in front of us! The children are adapting well to the new “ normal”  and are thrilled to be back in class. The children love reading from their book baskets/bags, sharing their writing and listening to stories. In math, we have been hard at work using a number line ( subtraction/addition), solving fact families, telling time and reading graphs.  The students have been introduced to some new math vocabulary: addends, sum, difference, horizontal, vertical, equations and analog clocks. Science has been off to a great start with our discussion/writing  about scientists.  This week we just introduced maps and continents. It is great to be back and doing what we love…..teaching children at Walnut Square School!❤️

    Reading Interventionists

    This week we will finish up assessing all grade one and two students using both iReady and Letterland.

    Physical Education

    Hello Walnut Square families, my name is Craig Barnard. although I have been a PE teacher for several years this is my first year in Haverhill. I will be working here at Walnut Square as well as Tilton Upper. This week in PE students will be participating in “Pizza Tag”, “Pencil Tag”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Lilypad bowling” and working on throwing and catching skills with frisbees and scoop balls. I have also assigned an asynchronous assignment on google classroom, “Super Mario Brothers kids workout”

    As always, if you have questions or concerns about anything please email your child’s teacher. Staff emails are on the Walnut Square website under staff listing. I am also available by calling the school at 97-374-3471 or emailing me at bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

    Have a good rest of the week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

  • Parent Update- October 5, 2020

    Last week was the end of the two week phase in period. Today, we began with the full cohort A (Monday/Tuesday) students; attending school in person both days, while the full cohort B students, (Thursday/Friday) students will attend in person both days and the full cohort C students (Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri) will attend in person on four days.

    Starting today, students will be allowed to go on the playscape during their lunch recess. To limit the amount of students on each time, each class will be assigned a day that they can go on. All students must wear their mask, and hand sanitize before going on and after they are finished. Our custodian will spray it down every morning with the sanitizing spray.

    This year the district has purchased the i-Ready Program to use as a personalized instructional platform as well as a diagnostic tool. It is important to share information about this program so parents can have an understanding of the purpose and structure of the i-Ready Diagnostic and Personalized Instruction that is available. Below is a flyer with information about the i-Ready Program. There is also a link that contains guides and tips for using this program. 

    La semana pasada fue el final de la fase de dos semanas en el período. Hoy, comenzamos con los estudiantes de la cohorte A (lunes/martes); asistiendo a la escuela en persona ambos días, mientras que los estudiantes de la cohorte B, (jueves/viernes) asistirán en persona ambos días y los estudiantes de la cohorte C (lunes/martes/jueves/viernes) asistirán en persona los cuatro días.

    A partir de hoy, los estudiantes podrán ir al patio de recreo durante el almuerzo. Para limitar la cantidad de estudiantes en cada momento, a cada clase se le asignará un día en el que puedan asistir. Todos los estudiantes deben usar su máscara y desinfectar sus manos antes y después de terminar. Nuestro conserje la rociará todas las mañanas con el spray desinfectante.

    Este año el distrito ha comprado el programa i-Ready para usarlo como plataforma de instrucción personalizada y como herramienta de diagnóstico. Es importante compartir información sobre este programa para que los padres puedan comprender el propósito y la estructura del diagnóstico i-Ready y la instrucción personalizada que está disponible. A continuación encontrará un folleto con información sobre el programa i-Ready. También hay un enlace que contiene guías y consejos para usar este programa.

  • Parent Update 9/26/20

    As we end of the first week of the school year 2020-2021, our school community would like to thank you for your patience and engagement as we reimagine school due to the ongoing pandemic. We are aware that there have been bumps in getting started and we are prepared to experience more as we work our way though this year together.

    Some of the frustrations come from the anxiety created by the unknown We are working to provide as clear and consistent information to you as possible. As many of you know we have been engaged in ongoing conversations with our teacher’s union, they too are anxious and there has been a lot of ground to cover. These negotiations are nearing conclusion and we expect to be able to share a more consistent vision of expectations across classrooms and across schools with our families shortly. 

    In hopes of having your questions answered in the most effective way possible I have included a document with answers to some of the questions that we are being most frequently asked as well as who to call to other get questions answered. Please know that we are incredibly busy right now, but are doing our very best to keep up with the volume of calls coming in to the school.

(978) 374-3400
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