Playground Expectations

Dear Families, 

Thank you all for such a great start to a new school year!  We have had some recent concerns about playground incidents that are taking place after school is dismissed. When school is dismissed at 3:15pm there is no longer adult supervision on the playground, although some families stay after school to play.  I am sending the Walnut Square expectations for all that choose to stay.


  • There should be an adult with students who remain to stay in our playground.
  • Hands and feet are kept to yourself at all times.  
  • Students are to use the playscape equipment appropriately.  Some examples are:  
    • We slide down the slide, we do not walk or climb up the slide. 
    • We use the bars to hang with arms only.  Please do not flip,  hang from your knees, or climb on top of the bars.  
    • Wood chips remain on the playscape.  Please do not throw them around.  
  • If there is conflict, students can problem solve by doing a “do over” or by playing “Rocks-Paper-Scissors” to resolve the conflict.  
  • Use only the playground. We do not use the school as play equipment.  For example, please do not climb the walls (especially on the Main St. side as that is a deep drop) or use the stairs for playing.  

Thank you for your help and support with this!  


Jen Rubera