Road Work and Bus/Parent Drop Off and Pick Up Changes

Dear Families,

I am writing to let you know about the construction updates and how that will impact our drop off and pick up areas at Walnut Square School.  Thank you so much for your patience, flexibility, and understanding.  

Starting tomorrow, September 28th, cars will not be able to park on the following side streets off North Ave:  Magnolia Ave., Wellington Ave., and Macon Ave.   You can park on the side streets further down North Ave. or you may park on 16th Ave, Downing Ave., or 17th Ave. and use the crosswalk near 16th Ave.  

Beginning on Wednesday, September 29th, all buses and parent drop off/pick up will be moved to the Main St. side.  Buses will be dropped off on the yellow painted areas closer to the school building.  The parent drop off/pick up line will be behind the bus area; the bus line and the parent car line will be separated by cones just like we did on North Ave.  

Again, thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  Have a great evening!


Jen Rubera