Walnut Square Elementary School

  • Weekly Update- May 2, 2021

    Kindergarten News- Ms. Abreu and Ms. Luttig

    This week in Letterland students will read and spell words with s-blends and r-blends. We will continue focusing on the rules of a sentence in Writing. In Math, students will analyze and compare 2D and 3D shapes. What shapes can your child find in your home? Finally, in Science, students will continue to explore plants. Please charge your child’s IPad before school. Thank you!

    Grade 1 News- Ms. Demarais and Ms. Hughes

    Our first week back to school after vacation was great.  Our new phonics groups are working well. Each group is being introduced to phonics at their level, so they are working on different things. In math we will begin a new topic on measuring and comparing the length of objects. We continue with fact fluency and problem solving using the DICE method. In writing children will be working on something special for their moms. Our caterpillars have arrived, and we will be learning about their life cycle as well as facts about butterflies.

    Grade 2 News- Ms. Caruso and Ms. Sanchez

    May has arrived and hopefully warmer weather too!  In math, we have started Geometry.  Your children will be learning about polygons, quadrilaterals, pentagons, trapezoids, vertices, and angles.  The children are enjoying this topic so far.  We will be writing a “how to fly a kit”. using time order words. ELA will include the steps to write a summary of a fictional story. The students have created their Weather folders.  So far the children have created a wind wheel and the importance of air when studying weather.  Looking forward to another fabulous week!

    Music Update- Ms. Steiger 

    Students in kindergarten will continue their exploration of Ostinato and rhythm using scarves, dance and boomwhackers. Grade 2 friends- don’t forget your recycleable materials for our “upcycled” instrument project! Bring them in for Tuesday!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal-bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

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