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  • Parent Update- January 31, 2021

    School Wide Reading Challenge

    We continue to challenge all Superstars to participate in our school wide K-2 reading challenge. Any Superstar who participates can earn 4 levels of prizes and rewards. The challenge began January 25th and ends February 26th. See below for exciting details!

    Grade K Update

    In Letterland, students will learn more about Vicky Violet and Walter Walrus. This week’s sight words are: have & come. Students will practice sentence writing during Writing and continue exploring addition and subtraction in Math. Finally, students will learn about Groundhog’s Day in Social Studies and predict whether Punxatawney Phil will see his shadow on Tuesday. 

    Grade 1 Update

    Students in grade 1 will be taking the iReady Math Diagnostic this week in class. We ask that students not log onto iReady math from home until their diagnostic is completed at school. Students can use the extra time at home on ST Math, aiming for the required 60 minutes per week. In math we will also review concepts from topic 7 including numbers 0-120, and focus on using the DICE protocol for problem solving. In Letterland, we will work with words ending in ng and nk which can be a challenging unit. We continue with our Informational story unit and writing about what we are reading, including groundhogs as we talk about Groundhog Day and wish for an early spring!

    Grade 2 Update

     Welcome, February!  Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow on Tuesday,  February 2?  The students will predict and write about whether he will on Monday.  We will also learn about groundhogs,  their habitat, how they survive winter, and their eating habits.  Your students did a wonderful job with their multiple writing assignments last week.  Keep up the fantastic work!  Speaking of writing,  your child will write “how to build a snowman” which is perfect since we are expecting quite a bit of snow this week.  There will also be a fun project/craft to go with it!  In Science, we will dive deeper into animals in winter and write an informational paragraph. Plural nouns/rules will be introduced this week (toy + s=boys,  box + es=boxes) in grammar.  Our focus in math this week will be to continue regrouping and reviewing the value of coins (money).  Each week the second-grade team takes time to copy and put together packets so your child will not spend the entire time looking at a screen. We know many of the parents appreciate this effort. Many Haverhill elementary teachers do not do this.  Please complete as much as the packet as possible and bring the packet to the babysitter’s,  Grammy’s house,  the YMCA, etc. on the remote days. Please return any work that is completed.  Looking forward to a fantastic, snowy week!

    Let’s happily say good bye to January and hello to February! Here’s hoping Punxsutawney Phil does not see his shadow and we will have an early Spring! Stay Tuned! Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal- bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

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