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  • Parent Update- January 17, 2021

    No School Monday, January 18th As We Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Schedule for Returning to In Person Learning

    This week we bring back Cohort C, on Tuesday, January 19th. On Monday, January 25th, Cohort A returns to in person learning. On Thursday, January 28th Cohort B returns to in person learning. Reminder to parents: When your child is learning remotely, please make sure they are able to log into their art, music or PE class.

    Thursday, January 21stBlast Off With Reading A-Z

    Thursday, January 21,2021 Walnut Square will host the 2nd virtual Parent Engagement Program. Join us as we Blast Off With Reading A-Z. See the attached flyer.

    Pool Testing

    Pool testing has begun in Haverhill Public Schools. Pool Testing is a proactive strategy to test a group of individuals at one time as a “batch” to identify asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 and isolate those individuals, preventing further spread of disease. Pool testing enables us to test more individuals cost-effectively. The pool may be a group of students in a classroom or cohort, a sports team, or other configurations. Pool testing is easy to do – and requires swabbing of the lower nares (nose) with a q-tip like swab. Most individuals will be capable of self swabbing, and for others, swabbing will be performed by one of our health care staff. The batch of swabs is placed in one tube, and the tube is tested as a group. If the pool tests positive, then the individuals in the pool are notified of the need for individual testing. If negative, then we know that no one in this “pool” is positive for COVID-19 at the time of testing. Pool testing results will typically be received by the district in 48 hours. Participation in this program is voluntary and requires consent. There are two consents attached – one to participate in the pooled testing pilot and one to participate in the BinexNOW follow-up testing for positive pools. Both are attached for your review, and both are required to move forward with testing. Consent for pool testing or BinexNOW testing may be withdrawn at any time.

    Picture Re-take Day- Wednesday, January 27th Starting at 7:00 AM

    Grade K Update

    This week in Letterland, students will be learning about Jumping Jim and Red Robot. The sight words we will practice reading and writing are she & at. Please continue to have your child practice reading the Kindergarten sight word list posted in Google Classroom to increase your child’s sight word knowledge. Students will continue learning how to tell and write a personal narrative in Writing. In Math, we will explore the concept of subtraction as taking apart and taking from while learning how to read and write subtraction equations. Finally, students will learn more about Winter and snow in Science. 

    Grade 1 Update

    We are excited to see our Cohort C students next week.  Please remember to attend your specials every afternoon at 1:50 pm.  In math we continue to learn about representing data in graphs.  On Thursday we begin Topic 7: extending the counting sequence.  In Letterland we are introducing  blends with Red Robot including: gr br, dr, pr, fr, tr,and cr.  In writing our focus will be writing about reading and informational writing.  Our science focus this week is animal habitats (penguins).

    Grade 2 Update

    Although this is a short week,  there is much to do and learn.  In Science not only will we be reviewing the various landforms (canyon, mountain, hill, plateau, etc), bodies of water (oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, etc.),  but we will also be studying snow.  Your children will learn about “Snowflake Bentley” and the life cycle of a snowflake.  In ELA,  the children will complete the Winter Acrostic poem and write an informational paragraph “how to catch a snowflake” using sequence words. Students will continue to review nouns, verbs, and adjectives. In Social Studies,  students will learn about Inauguration Day and the importance of that day that occurs every four years. Math,  we will continue to work on regrouping,  two-step word problems, and reviewing place value.  

    Have a wonderful week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal- bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

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