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  • Parent Update-January 10, 2021

    Happy New Year to all of our Walnut Square Superstars and their Families

    January Schedule- When will cohorts A, B and C return to in person learning?

    All students will learn remotely for this next week, January 11th-15th. Cohort C students are to return to in person learning on Tuesday, January 19th. Students in cohort A (Monday/Tuesday) are scheduled to return to in person learning on Monday, January 25th while students in cohort B will return to in person learning on Thursday, January 28th.

    Welcome Aboard Mrs. Patty MacRae

    I want to welcome to Walnut Square School our new principal clerk, Mrs. Patty MacRae. Mrs. MacRae has been with Haverhill Public Schools for over 30 years, spending most of her time as the principal clerk at Bradford Elementary. We are all very excited to have Patty as a member of our Superstar family!

    School Pictures and Re-take Date

    Student pictures have arrived. Parents of RLA students who had them taken at Walnut Square and others can come to school to get them Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM-2:30 PM. Other wise, we will send them home with the class work packets. Picture re-takes have been scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th starting at 7:00 AM through noon. Please contact the school at 978-374-3471 or email Mrs. MacRae @ pmacrae@haverhill-ps.org to schedule an appointment.

    Benchmark Testing Appointments

    Reminder to parents who have an appointment for in person assessments to please keep the appointment, however, if something comes up and you need to reschedule please call the school at 978-374-3471or email Mrs. Brent @ jbrent@haverhill-ps.org

    Grade K Update

    This week in Kindergarten students will learn more about Firefighter Fred and Bouncy Ben while continuing to practice blending and segmenting words. They will add ‘on’ & ‘am’ to our list of sight words. In Writing, students will identify the characters, setting and parts of a story to help us prepare for writing our own stories! In Math students will continue addition practice with our first word problems. In Science we will continue to explore force and motion and in Social Studies we will discuss the importance of acceptance in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. 

    Grade 1 Update

    First graders are working hard from home! This week we will be learning to read and spell words that begin with a blend (bl, cl, fl, gl and pl) in Letterland. We will be finishing up our math topic on working with addition and subtraction equations, and beginning a new topic on representing and interpreting data using graphs. We continue to learn about informational writing, and students will write a book about the 4 seasons. We will also learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his contributions to make our world a better place. Students will also write a biography about him. It will be a busy week!

    Grade 2 Update

    Happy New Year!  Last week your children came up with some great   New Year’s resolutions for 2021.  In science we began learning about landforms and bodies of water with Stemscopes.  Next week we will discuss Martin Luther King, Jr’s life in social studies.  Looking forward to a fantastic 2021!

    Have a good week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal- bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

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