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  • Parent Update- October 13, 2020

    I hope all of our Superstars had a relaxing long week end. As we start this new week, please remember that teachers are not supervising on the playground until 8:45 A.M. Children cannot be on the playground until then. If students want to eat breakfast at school they can come into the building at 8:45 A.M.

    Please be aware that to ensure good air flow throughout the building we are opening all windows. With the windows open, students should come to school with layers such as sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. While it can be very cold in the morning it often gets much warmer in the afternoon and layers will allow the children to take the sweaters and sweatshirts off during the day.

    Kindergarten Update

    This week in Kindergarten, students will have met all 26 Letterland characters! We will take a closer look at each letter and its’ sound in the coming weeks. We are exploring the concept of greater and less than in Math, investigating fall leaves in Science, and learning how to tell a story aloud in Writing. 

    First Grade Update

    First Grade students had an amazing week last week being in school for their cohorts. This week, all students will complete the iReady reading and math assessments. The program uses the assessment to determine each child’s strengths and weaknesses and will adapt the lessons to meet each child’s needs. You will receive an overview of the program with more information. When the assessments are complete, the children will be asked to log onto the program at home for 45 minutes per week.

     Grade 2 Update

    We love having the children in front of us! The children are adapting well to the new “ normal”  and are thrilled to be back in class. The children love reading from their book baskets/bags, sharing their writing and listening to stories. In math, we have been hard at work using a number line ( subtraction/addition), solving fact families, telling time and reading graphs.  The students have been introduced to some new math vocabulary: addends, sum, difference, horizontal, vertical, equations and analog clocks. Science has been off to a great start with our discussion/writing  about scientists.  This week we just introduced maps and continents. It is great to be back and doing what we love…..teaching children at Walnut Square School!❤️

    Reading Interventionists

    This week we will finish up assessing all grade one and two students using both iReady and Letterland.

    Physical Education

    Hello Walnut Square families, my name is Craig Barnard. although I have been a PE teacher for several years this is my first year in Haverhill. I will be working here at Walnut Square as well as Tilton Upper. This week in PE students will be participating in “Pizza Tag”, “Pencil Tag”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Lilypad bowling” and working on throwing and catching skills with frisbees and scoop balls. I have also assigned an asynchronous assignment on google classroom, “Super Mario Brothers kids workout”

    As always, if you have questions or concerns about anything please email your child’s teacher. Staff emails are on the Walnut Square website under staff listing. I am also available by calling the school at 97-374-3471 or emailing me at bkitsos@haverhill-ps.org

    Have a good rest of the week!

    Beth Kitsos, Principal

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