Walnut Square Elementary School

  • Parent Update- June 10, 2020

    We are planning a super fun final week of school for all of our Walnut Square Superstars and it starts this Friday 6/12

    Friday 6/12 9:00-2:00

    Everybody is welcome to come by and wave good- bye in person to some of the Walnut Square staff and pick up any personal belongings that you may have left at the school. The PTO has a surprise send-off gift for all of our second grade Superstars . Remember to wear a mask and stay six feet away from others!

    Monday and Tuesday 6/15 & 6/16

    Prepare for an awesome two day virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo where you will read stories, watch videos and actually see live action of some of the zoo’s creatures. You will pick one of two different scavenger hunts to complete while visiting the zoo.

    Wednesday 6/17

    Get ready to have some Field Day Fun.
    There is lots of fun to be had today either
    by yourself or with your family members.
    You will be given a choice board full of
    exciting events and you can choose the events that are right for you!

    Thursday 6/18

    Get ready to show off your talent! Each grade level will be invited to a Google Meet where you can show off your talent! Get prepared to sing your favorite song, perform a dance move or a karate move, recite a poem or play an instrument, show us a drawing or a painting that you did, perform a magic trick or anything else that you are good at. It’s okay to ask your family members to join you. Just come prepared to show off your talent or watch the others!

    Friday 6/19

    Meet with your teachers and say goodbye to your friends. This school year will be over today!

    Best class participation will be announced for each event!

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