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  • Walnut Square Parent Update- February 14, 2020

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Letterland Home Online Resources to Support Students at School and Home

    Letterland, the new phonics based program for grades K-1  has a home component to support your child at home.  Parents need to log onto Letterland.com and click the “At Home” button for free downloads such as song lyrics and coloring sheets.   Students can review the sound each Letterlander makes and find quick and easy phonics games to play.  The Letterland Blog is also a good place to look for home activities.   Parents can subscribe to the Letterland Newsletter for a digital update about Letterland and view some of the events that occur in the schools around the country. I encourage you to try it out!

    Envision Online Math Resources to Support Students at School and Home

    HPS students in grades K-5 use the Envision Math Program. I wanted to share that it has an online resource for students to use at home to practice the skills they learn in school. All students have a log- in and password which allows them to utilize this resource at home.  If you have internet access and would like your child to start to use this wonderful resource at home, please communicate with your child’s teacher and they will provide you with your  student’s log- in and password.

    News from K Classes

    The Kindergarten students at Walnut Square are very proud to be 100 days smarter! To celebrate the 100th day of school, they dressed up as if they were 100 years old and participated in many fun activities throughout the day. Students wrote about being 100 years old, practiced counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s and even followed a recipe to make a special snack out of 100 pieces of food.

    Celebrating Student Attendance

    On Tuesday, February 10th, the District Supervisor of Attendance Ms. Lorna Marchant  accompanied me on a visit to all of our classrooms to recognize our students that had perfect attendance in January, 2020. Children clapped and cheered for each other and students got to pick a prize from the Super star bucket.

    Image preview

    Mrs. Caruso’s K Class S. Kirlis, I. Hovey, J DeRosa, J Davenport, J Alonso


    Image preview

    Ms. Luttig’s Class G. Taylor, E. Nabinger











    Ms. Abreu’s Class R. Sullivan, E. Marte, F. Maciel, B. Hernandez, E. Ellsey

    Image preview

    Ms.O’Leary’s Class S. White, M. Santos-Padgett, N. Roman-Ovares,J. Molina,L Gagnon, J. DeLucca, W. Chandler

    Image preview

    Ms. Demarais Class-J.Zikianda, J. Sadowski, C Mazza, J. Long, M. Conti, R. Cole, J. Carroll, A. Fermin Carrasco, L. Alonso

    Image preview

    Ms. Sanchez’s Class- M. White,K. Striker, J. Roman, A. Matthias, N. Grande, B. Emery, A. Curley, Z. Candelario


    Ms. Hughes Class-J. Zikianda, J. Serrano, M. Santos Padgett, E. Rivera, C. Paulsen,M. Loosian, L. Jimenez Santos, V. Gorman

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